By Rita Isabella on Mon May 18 2020

Technology is evolving and along with it, the traditional set up of learning is increasingly changing. Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and school portals allow instructors to upload notes and post recorded class lectures as well as revision materials. Let us dive into the advantages of online learning as well as give tips on how to make the most out of it.

1. Lower costs

Imagine not having to pay a commuting fee to get to school to learn. All students need to begin online classes is a good functional laptop and steady Wi-Fi. The tuition fee in most colleges is also relatively affordable because the student is not utilizing school facilities as in a traditional set up, and most learning materials such as text books are available online at no extra cost. In addition, most online courses offered for free are actually accepted as credits earned via these hence a student is very well-positioned to fulfill general education requirements.

2. Offers a variety of programs and courses

Almost all courses offered in the traditional school set ups are actually offered in online learning. These can range from certificate courses to doctorate degrees and more; especially secondary courses that enable a student to qualify for a main course and just to add up and upgrade their portfolios. Hence it’s a guarantee for a student to find whatever course they want to pursue.

3. Flexible learning at your own comfort

You can actually attend an online class in your pajamas, imagine not having to wake up every single day wanting to figure out what outfit fits the day, then rushing to beat traffic or wondering when your sibling will let you use the bathroom so as not to late class. Online learning offers you just that, you get to study at the comfort of your room with zero physical interaction with other students , you just attend class and do your homework and just upload it electronically, how cool is that?!

4. Convenience

Online learning gives you the freedom to plan out your study time so that it circumvents your usual routine without interfering with your schedule. Hence no missed family time, or part time work. Everything from books to revision materials are available online hence library visits are not needed. You just have to be really disciplined and actually have to remember your schedules to avoid missing classes or important appointments because you have the freedom to plan the time of when to attend class.

5. Personalized tutoring.

Online learning provides students with the ability to personalize their learning. There are sites genius writing included that offer online tutoring to students who find it difficult to understand class concepts in physical classroom set up. A one on one interaction between an online tutor and a student has been proven to help students improve their grades and understand concepts better, since they are able to concentrate better and are free to ask questions solely focusing on problematic areas in their class work.

6. It’s safe!

Online learning is safe, take in the fact that you still get to learn despite ongoing snowstorms, thunderstorms and well pandemics such as what we are currently facing, the COVID-19 Disease. They won’t affect your learning schedule nor disrupt your classes. As a matter of fact, most high schools and colleges have embraced online learning to ensure students don’t fall behind school work thus further disrupting planned school activities. Schools are investing in technology to enable them to provide quality education seamlessly so you just might as well hop on the bandwagon and make the most out of it.

7. Improve your technical skills

The most basic of online activity requires basic computer skills and online learning is no different. Development of new computer skills is mandatory, as you get to learn to navigate through online learning platforms and systems. This is like killing two birds with one stone as skills acquired in such setups do apply in our day to day lives, and translate to basic needed requirements for various professions, including creating and sharing documents, incorporating videos and audio in work presentations, and completing online training sessions thus giving you the student an added advantage over colleagues.

8. Transfer credits

For college students who want to take summer classes but live too far from their colleges, online learning is here to the rescue. Do you know you can actually take the summer classes online via accredited colleges or even your college while still enjoying your summer vacation and have the credits earned transferred to your main course in your primary college thus having further elevated your grades and get you in advanced classes to reduce the actual time you spend in school. This also enables you to fulfill your duties back home such as seasonal work, without disrupting your studies.

9. Offers Networking opportunities

Online learning gives students the opportunity to network with their peers from various countries around the world. This often leads to other opportunities such as travel opportunities for bench-marking, collaborations with other students of projects at the same time enabling them to learn about different cultures thus acquiring cultural sensitivity and enabling them cope and adapt in foreign environments easily.

10. Documentation

All information that is needed in online classes from notes, to recorded classes is stored in an online database, giving students the chance to access these materials in case they needed clarification easily. This is especially useful for class concepts and projects that need research for presentation purposes. Students also get the chance to compare notes and ideas with fellow online students thus end up learning even more.

With all this said, online learning also enables students gain self-discipline and skills such as proper time management, and complete assignments at their own time without schedules, as well as integrity, this are just but some of the few advantages of online learning, just in case you are considering online learning, these are some of the tips to enable you make a decision. Have more tips? Please do let us know in the comment section below.

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